"Adrian is a truly excellent trainer. He helped me achieved my weight loss goal and I generally feel a lot fitter than I used to be. He designed a personal training programme for me and prepared a nutritional plan which was easy to follow. He is very passionate about what he does and, as a stroke survivor, he is completely determined in helping people with all sorts of health problems. I would recommend his services to everyone willing to become fitter and healthier." Toni Stoyanova, Management Accountant


“Since the birth of my second child I've suffered with a bad back. A friend of mine recommended Adrian Smith as a personal trainer. He helped her improve her posture. We did lots of core and posture strengthening exercises and after the 5th session I already felt a lot better and my back didn't hurt so  much. Adrian also gave me nutritional advice and I totally recommend him as a personal trainer.”​ Kelly Rogers, Sales manager, Crowthorne.

“Hi, my name is John Miles and I've been training with Adrian for 8 weeks. When I first contacted him I was obese and didn't exercise at all. Adrian wrote me a program and diet plan. He made me believe I could achieve my goals. Adrian makes the training fun and challenging and am enjoying exercising for first time in my life. Since starting the program I have lost 20lbs and I also feel toned, energetic and more confident in my daily life.”​ John Miles, Band manager. Reading.